We are a leading global entertainment licensing firm. We specialize in the ideation and procurement of celebrity talent, expert music supervision and licensing, and the delivery of other copyrighted properties for use in brands’/agencies’ advertising and promotional campaigns. We’ve successfully negotiated over 1,000 contracts for our clients. Our efforts have resulted in time and cost efficiencies, comprehensive contracts driving industry best practices and measurable cost savings (cost avoidance) in the range of 25 – 35% compared to ad agencies or our industry competitors.

We represent dozens of Fortune 500 brands and their agencies. Our experience serving every industry including automotive, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, retail, and software gives us a broad and thorough understanding of each client’s business. Additionally, our creative insight and access into popular culture and its music, influencers, subject matter experts, and celebrity talent (drawn from film, television, sports, and fashion) have contributed to some of the most memorable campaigns worldwide.

Creative License is independent, not beholden to the undue influences of any holding company or talent agencies. We answer only to you and your brand.

What is different about Creative License? The answer to that is strategy and relentlessness. The strategy is a story already familiar to many of your colleagues. It makes a compelling difference, and you will resonate.


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